Recent studies have revealed that more than 50,000 gallons of water is wasted every year in homes due to toilet tank leaks. This is not only wasteful, but also an environmental hazard. Any kind of toilet tank can start leaking after a few years of use because of wear and tear. Therefore, always check the plumbing systems of your whole house.

Simple Prevention of a Leaking Toilet Tank

You must regularly check for leaks in your toilet tank. Generally, toilets and flush tanks work the same way. All toilet tanks contain 2 valves. The first valve is a flush and the other one is the one where the water collects for flushing. A very common refill valve in the toilet tank is known as ball-cock. You will know there is a problem with your tank when the flush valve does not seat itself properly. That is when you need the help of a good plumber. When this happens, the water from the tank starts leaking in to the bowl. If the water supply does not stop, the refill tank will keep getting refilled which in-turn leads to water wastage. When the refill valve starts leaking, the tank where the water gets collected will also begin leaking due to excessive flow of water. You will notice that water is flowing in to the bowl at all times. This is a very clear and obvious sign that there is leakage problem in your toilet.

It is easy to check for leaking flush. The moment you find it leaking, close the water supply and make sure that there is no water flowing into the toilet tank. All toilet tanks have a valve which shuts off and stops all water supplies. A very simple trick is to mark the water level once you have closed the water to prevent it from flowing. Check again after 20 minutes for a change in the water level. A plumber will tell you that if the water level is low, then obviously there is a leak. If the water level is same as you left it then your flush valve did not leak. Therefore the leaking was caused the refill valve and not the flush valve. To stop the leaking you just might need to tighten a few parts or make few adjustments here and there. To solve the problem of leaking in the refill valve you simply need to make sure that the there is only enough water for flushing. The water level should not go above the overflow pipe.

All flush tanks have a water level mark. The water level should never be set too low. The bowl needs to refill regularly to form a sealing trap. In the tank sometimes the float touches the other parts. To solve this problem you can simply move the float away from the other parts to stop the leaking. You must also check the float for water logging. Simply unscrew it and clean it. If the problem of logging persists then you must replace it with a new one. If the flush valve is giving regular problems of leaking even after making a few adjustments then you must replace the flush ball. The actuating mechanism of the flush ball is also available if it needs replacement. Always try making adjustments before buying new parts.

Lastly, check for leaks in your toilet regularly and keep the tank clean to avoid water logging. Replace parts when needed and always take the advice of a certified plumber to help solve leaking or clogging issues in your toilet tank.

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