American Standard toilets are considered one of the best products out there. With several choices to choose from, consumers don’t have to trade off functionality with style because these innovative toilets combine the best of both worlds. That’s why American Standard toilets are the most sough-after product in the industry today.

Since early 2008, American Standard Brands have been making big waves, especially when it comes to their toilet products. In fact, American Standard toilets are widely recognized as top-class products in the U.S. today. Their toilets include commercial and residential types, urinals, bidets, and other accessories – you name it and they have it.

Most people would think that high-quality products are always expensive – and so they thought. Toilets made by American Standard are not only stylish and have excellent features, but these also have very affordable prices. Just think, their Mainstream Flo-Wise Water Sense round toilet is sold by online retailers, like Lowes, for only $129. This round toilet is already EPA certified, which means that it can give out an exceptional performance without wasting water in the process.

Their Champion 4 and Cadet 3 series are one of the few products that you can really call as “clog-free” toilets. The highly sophisticated flushing system is evident both in the toilet design and strong flushing performance. This claim is not part of the usual deceiving advertisements made by other manufacturers. In fact, the Champion 4 and Cadet 3 series underwent rigorous product tests – you can see it in their website how they successfully flushed golf balls and rugs into the toilets. These efforts have effectively resulted to products that have 1,000 grams MaP (Maximum Performance) ratings, which is the highest possible result that a high-quality toilet product could get.

If you research all over the internet, you would most likely find consumers raving about these products. In (May 1, 2010), the American Standard Champion 4 and Cadet 3 series toilets are highly praised by most consumers. They like these toilets because they’re effortlessly installed, resilient, easy to maintain, and fits into any limited space in their bathrooms. Plus, the quiet and efficient flush system works out perfectly for them and their family.

Before you purchase these toilets, make sure that you choose the perfect style and features that would best fit your bath design. You won’t really have any problem on that department because there are plenty of models, finishes, aesthetic appearance, and unique product features that would fit your personal preferences. Also, make sure to shop around to get the best deals out there – you can either go to their official website or to other online retailers like

American Standard toilets are really worth the investment. With these toilets, shopping is made easy because visual appeal and top-quality performance is present in all of their toilets.

These are just a few of the options available in American Standard toilets.

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